Investors’ Network member guide
The Stock Doctor Investors’ Network is exclusive to Stock Doctor members and connects you to like-minded investors through a combination of local group face-to-face meetings and online national discussions.

These guidelines will help you and your fellow members keep the Investors’ Network on track and true to its objectives. Enjoy the journey!

Access the Investors’ Network

The online Investors’ Network gives you the opportunity to communicate with members in your local group, access meeting information and view minutes of other local groups.

You can also communicate with the broader Investors’ Network community through national discussions and tap into a wider range of views and knowledge. National discussions are divided into broad topic categories to help you find topics of interest.

National discussion online posts

Stock Doctor members can utilise the national discussions to discuss market trends, companies of interest, key announcements or to pose a question to the greater Stock Doctor community.

Meet with your local group

Stock Doctor members are encouraged to connect with other Stock Doctor members in their community by joining a local group.

Face-to-face meetings

  1. Everyone has a contribution to make
  2. Don’t interrupt or distract members who are addressing the local group
  3. Great ideas can come from anyone regardless of background or experience
  4. All members are valued and respected for their contribution
  5. Arrive on time