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Donald Sutherland

Stock Doctor member since 2006# and Lincoln Australian Growth Fund investor since 2019#

Stock Doctor provides me with all the fundamental analysis I require to make my investment decisions. Everything I need is at my fingertips at an instant, saving me hours of research. I have extended my subscription for another five years which looks like one of the best investment decisions I have made. I can't live without Stock Doctor - it's been worth every cent.

John Richards

Stock Doctor member since 2009# and Lincoln Managed Funds investor since 2014#

I have found the Lincoln Australian Growth Fund to be an excellent investment vehicle. It provides for additional investments and more importantly it provides for the research facilities of the Lincoln organisation. This is important to busy people, like myself, to have experts continually monitoring the contents of the Fund.

Peter Ochota

Stock Doctor member since 2009# and Lincoln Managed Funds investor since 2018#

Before using Stock Doctor I was 'flying blind'. Now I have a system to help my investing.

Allan and Jan Beaton

Lincoln Managed Funds investors since 2018#

As pensioners with very limited funds Lincoln Indicators was suggested to us as a possible solution for our financial survival. Investing funds with them in 2018 we feel secure & believe the management expertise will continue to provide us with a healthy return on our investments. Redemption of a portion of our funds when required was not complicated & was expedited in very short time frame.

Carl Giardinazzo

Lincoln Managed Fund investor since 2007# and Stock Doctor member since 2015#

I started as an inception member of the Growth Fund in 2007, and more recently with the Income Fund in 2013.

I initially started investing with Lincoln Indicators because I didn’t have the time nor inclination to do a thorough and professional job investing and managing my money by myself. I particularly liked the fact that via a Lincoln Fund Investment I would have exposure to many great companies that I would never invest in myself.

All of a sudden, all the statutory burden, tax issues, buy decisions, sell decisions, reporting obligations, market monitoring – it was all done for me by professionals with vastly superior investment knowledge using unique and specific investment tools.

I particularly liked the people at Lincoln Indicators. Along the journey I have observed both the individuals and the firm to be trustworthy and honest. I like their disciplined approach to investing and the respectful manner in which they deliver their message and service.

All investing and client feedback is done in a timely and transparent manner, which is both reassuring and empowering to investors. I particularly enjoy the monthly fund updates and the Taking Stock podcasts – both are informative as well as enlightening.

I have had many great years of financial investing with Lincoln Indicators. Investing in a mixture of both the Growth Fund and Income Fund has given me great income and solid growth. With Lincoln Indicators my financial future is in good hands.

Alan Wareham

Stock Doctor member since 1999#

Signing up for the Stock Doctor program as a novice many years ago meant there were occasions when I would require advice or guidance around my investment decision-making. The responsive and friendly assistance provided by the analysts at Lincoln was invaluable. Over the intervening years all my investment goals have been achieved. With reliable information at my fingertips I buy quality stocks and stay with them. I have avoided potential disasters thanks to the 9 Golden Rules and as a result, sleep very well at night, knowing my investments are sound.

Craig Drogemuller

Stock Doctor member since 2007# and Lincoln Managed Funds investor since 2011#

I have been a Stock Doctor member for many years. It has catered for my changing lifestyle and investment style as I get more into retirement. Younger means more time, effort available to invest. Older means that I want to devote more time to my lifestyle without reducing my investment returns. Stock Doctor allows me to do this.

Peter L

Lincoln Australian Income Fund investor since 2013#

I consider myself a careful Investor however am very confident in the methodology used by Lincoln in the management of the Income Fund

Russ McKinnon

Stock Doctor member since 2010# and Lincoln Australian Income Fund investor since 2015#

I'm so happy with my investment with the Lincoln Australian Income fund that I'm currently adding to my holding!

Barry Dunn

Lincoln Australian Income Fund investor since 2019#

I'm very impressed with Lincoln's approach to the Financial Health of stocks.

Grahame Roberts

Stock Doctor member since 2010# and Lincoln Managed Funds investor since 2012#

I enjoy dealing with a small company where everyone I have ever encountered is well informed, courteous and competent in their area of expertise.

Peter Winter

Lincoln Australian Managed Funds investor and Stock Doctor member since 2017#

I have been an investor in the Lincoln Indicators Managed Funds for a number of years and, whilst I am not normally a passive investor, I appreciate the freedom that investment in the Lincoln Funds provide. I am more than comfortable with the investment philosophy and appreciate the excellent service provided by the Lincoln personnel.

Malcolm Andrews

Stock Doctor member since 2013# and Lincoln Managed Funds investor since 2015#

I find the thorough fundamental analysis undertaken by Stock Doctor essential in shortlisting the stocks I will invest in.

John Ewing

Stock Doctor member since 2011# and Lincoln Managed Funds investor since 2012#

We commenced investing in the Lincoln Australian Growth Fund in July 2012 and have received a return of 12.15% per annum – this far exceeds the return we have received from any of our other investments! Moreover I am an enthusiast of the methodology Lincoln use in managing their investments; it has academic rigour. Their willingness to candidly discuss the risks, challenges and benefits of investing in the share market has for me been both educational and reassuring. They have a great team of dedicated communicators to assist anyone contemplating a foray into the world of investment … well worth a call!

Jim Kirkhope

Stock Doctor member since 1999# and Lincoln Australian Income Fund investor since 2017#

Lincoln Indicators' fundamental analysis methodology gives me confidence and success in all my investments.

Kieth Mundy

Stock Doctor member since 2003# and Lincoln Australian Income Fund investor since 2019#

I don't know how anyone can invest without Stock Doctor. To me it is essential.

Alan Clarke

Stock Doctor member since 2009# and Lincoln Managed Funds investor since 2013#

I find the Lincoln organisation to be very caring and one I can put my trust in.

Ken Ellaway

Lincoln Australian Growth Fund investor since 2016#

I have been extremely pleased with the results of the Managed Fund. I only wish that I had heard about it a lot earlier!

Brian Brennan

Stock Doctor member since 2000# and Lincoln Australian Income Fund investor since 2017#

Stock Doctor is my go-to for any reference to ASX stocks.

Bo Hannington

Stock Doctor member since 2009# and Lincoln Australian Income Fund investor since 2012#

I would strongly recommend any new investor to consider using Stock Doctor. We wouldn't consider anything else.

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