Don’t invest in opinions.

Invest in the numbers


Investing in facts, not opinions

For over thirty years, our proprietary methodology has been analysing the financial statements of every company on the Australian and U.S. stock exchange, because those statements aren’t opinions or hype. They are quantitative facts. Facts that allow us to determine the Financial Health of thousands of businesses within 24 hours of them reporting, so that our members can make confident and informed investment decisions.
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Lincoln Indicators

Have you considered investment funds for your future?

The decision on how to best manage your wealth is not one to be made lightly, and with so many competing investment strategies and options to choose from, it can be hard to know what’s best. A great place to start is by identifying financially healthy ASX stocks to buy, whether you’re seeking capital growth via high return investments, or chasing the highest dividend stocks. But then, what is the best way to go about investing in ASX stocks?

If you’re time poor, balancing work and family commitments, or simply don’t have the confidence or inclination to manage your own investments, then managed funds may be an option. In fact, when it comes to deciding how to best manage your savings and superannuation, well managed investment funds have shown to deliver some of the most reliable, long-term returns*.

Yet the success of an investment fund relies on the experience and expertise of its portfolio manager, their portfolio manager software, track record, and approach to investing.

High return investments with Lincoln’s managed funds

At Lincoln Indicators our quantitative methodology takes the guesswork — and human error — out of the equation. Our high-performing managed funds are tailored to suit a range of investment goals — whether you’re in pension-phase looking for a dependable, high yielding income stream, or in accumulation phase seeking capital growth, or want to diversify your portfolio.

Each of our investment funds has been developed by investing in the numbers. Applying our quantitative methodology we filter for financially healthy stocks to determine which U.S. and ASX stocks to buy for our managed funds.

Our income funds provide a consistent yield and long term above market returns, even at the current record low interest rates. Further, by filtering for only financially healthy stocks, we avoid company failures, ensuring a dependable income stream over the long term. Our ASX growth funds and U.S. growth funds provide exposure to high quality growth stocks and have a track record of outperformance and taking advantage of all market conditions.

Strong, long-term capital growth requires financially healthy, high return investmentsthat can ride out short-term volatility to deliver wealth building capital appreciation.

At Lincoln Indicators, our portfolio manager software is a powerful tool — a systematic, quantitative analysis of businesses’financial statements. Ourquantitative methodology is used to construct high-performing investment funds that are liquid and aim to provide you with high return investments. This unique approach to portfolio management, sees us identify and invest in only the most financially healthy, high quality income and growth stocks that deliver quality long-term capital returns – a great outcome for investors and SMSFs.

Contact us to learn more about our income and growth funds today

If you’re ready to take control of your financial health, without the worry of having to decide which ASX stocks to buy, you couldn’t be in better hands than Lincoln’s. We have a track record of outperformance that dates back decades, and between our Australian growth funds, income funds and U.S. growth funds you’re spoilt for choice.

Our experts are on hand to answer any questions as we want our clients to be fully informed before investing in our managed funds. Simply get in touch with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team on 1300 676 333 to find out more about the products or services we offer.

*Canstar: Long-Term Performance of different types of managed funds.
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Invest in the numbers yourself with Stock Doctor.

The ultimate solution for the self-directed investor and Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Trustee, Stock Doctor helps you construct a portfolio that aligns to your investment objectives by giving you access to our proven quantitative stock research methodology which identifies the financially healthy, high quality stocks to invest in and those that should be avoided.

Stock Doctor also provides the essential tool set you need to create, manage and optimise your portfolio, plus access to our renowned support and training programs.

Access to our Stock Doctor Star Stocks
Outstanding long-term performance
Comprehensive suite of investment tools
Ongoing support & education

Or, invest in the numbers with our managed funds

Want to capitalise on our investment methodology but without the administration? Let Tim Lincoln and his team of investment professionals manage your funds for you through one of our Managed Funds.
“I have found the Lincoln Australian Growth Fund to be an excellent investment vehicle.”
John Richards, Stock Doctor member since 2009# and Lincoln Managed Funds investor since 2014#

Dr Merv Lincoln

Dr Merv Lincoln

Co-Founder and creator of our Financial Health methodology

The story behind invest in the numbers.

It all started over lunch with an engineer...
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