Stock Doctor Investors’ Network Member Agreement

9 August 2022


The purpose of this document is to provide details of the Stock Doctor Investors’ Network (‘SDIN’) a service provided by Lincoln Indicators Pty Ltd ACN 006 715 573 (‘Lincoln’ ‘we’ ‘our’) as a Corporate Authorised Representative of Lincoln Financial Group Pty Ltd ABN 70 609 751 966 AFSL 483167, or its employees as representatives of Lincoln Financial Group Pty Ltd.

This Member Agreement will govern your attendance at local online or face-to-face group meetings and the use of the SDIN local online groups, ensuring that the SDIN is compliant and is used as intended by all members.

Important Information

Lincoln may provide general financial product advice through its Stock Doctor facility (‘Stock Doctor’) and its employees. Stock Doctor is not a ‘financial product’ as defined under the relevant law, but it may provide financial services in the form of general financial product advice. This advice would have been prepared without taking account of your personal circumstances. You should therefore consider its appropriateness, in light of your objectives, financial situation, and needs, before acting on it.

If any advice relates to the acquisition or possible acquisition of a particular financial product, you should obtain a copy of and consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or other disclosure documents for the product from the issuer of the product before making any decision about its suitability for you.

You must read our Financial Services Guide (FSG) and Stock Doctor Terms and Conditions at before participating in the SDIN.


The SDIN is exclusive to Stock Doctor members and connects like-minded members via local online or face-to-face groups to exchange information, advice and opinions about securities. The SDIN should not be used or held out as facilities where members can get professional investment advice.

Members who participate in the SDIN will be known as members and/or convenors.

Convenors are members who provide guidance to their local group and have additional administrative responsibilities. Convenors are not representatives of Lincoln or Lincoln Financial Group Pty Ltd. References to ‘members‘ apply collectively to members and convenors.

Access to the Stock Doctor Investors’ Network

Stock Doctor members over the age of 18 are invited to join an Investors’ Network local group in their area. If you are under 18 years old and wish to attend SDIN meetings, you may attend as long as an adult over 18 years old accompanies you. Access to local groups online or face-to-face is a complimentary feature of all Stock Doctor memberships. However, each local group has a cap of between 10 to 15 members.
Suppose a local group reaches its maximum capacity and you are unable to secure a place within your preferred local group. In that case, you will be informed of the nearest available group or invited to join a waiting list.


Partners and spouses are welcome to attend local group meetings and are included in the group capacity numbers above if they share a Stock Doctor membership. Partners are not considered ‘guests’ and are therefore not required to submit a guest registration form when attending meetings.

Guests and Guest Registration

Friends, colleagues, and family members are also eligible to attend and experience local SDIN meetings, subject to group capacity limits. They will be designated as ‘guests’. Other invitees who fall under ‘guests’ include potential Stock Doctor members hoping to gain an insight into how members use the Stock Doctor platform and the Investors’ Network.

To adhere to Lincoln’s requirements, guests must complete a Guest Registration Form which can be downloaded and provided to your guest. Registration forms are to be returned to the SDIN Specialist at prior to your meeting.

Guests are eligible to attend a maximum of three local group meetings. Any guest who wishes to subscribe to Stock Doctor and connect with the broader SDIN community should be directed to the SDIN Specialist or Lincoln’s Membership Services team.

Stock Doctor Investors’ Network Local Groups

The local groups aim to connect Investors’ Network members with others for online or face-to-face meetings in their local area. The purpose of the meetings is to engage with other like-minded members, share securities knowledge and interests in securities markets. While Lincoln will endeavour to connect members to a group in their local area, this may not always be possible.

The SDIN local group online forum is intended for use by convenors, members and Lincoln employees for comment, setting meeting dates, posting meeting minutes, and discussion.

To log onto your local online group, you will be required to enter your username and password. We may also use your nominated email address to contact you were required to enforce these terms if necessary. You understand and agree that your username will be displayed on the local online group you have joined.

Your Content

The SDIN may contain posts or discussions that are at best general information about websites, products, or services, which may be discussed at local groups or posted on the local groups (‘Content‘), including Content created, discussed or submitted in the SDIN by you or through your account (‘Your Content‘). We do not expressly or implicitly endorse or vouch for the accuracy or authenticity of any of Your Content.

By discussing or submitting Your Content within the SDIN, you are personally responsible for it, including any alterations you make to posts. Therefore, you should not include any misleading or deceptive information in your discussions or postings and not carry out illegal or unauthorised activities using the SDIN. You must know that any information in postings, minutes, or agenda’s may, where appropriate, be made available to the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC). ASIC and people acting on such information may take action against you, and you may expose yourself to liability if you post or share Content without all necessary rights.

If Your Content includes hyperlinks to other sites, you may be seen as endorsing the material on such sites. It may be advisable for you to warn people accessing other sites that you do not endorse or take responsibility for material in the hyper-linked sites.

You must disclose any interests you may have in securities that you post about or discuss at the point of mentioning it in the SDIN. For example, you may be entitled to receive direct or indirect commissions, fees, or other benefits from a financial product or service provider. You may be associated with a particular security issuer, such as an employee or director of a securities issuer; this must be disclosed.

Although we will not generally pre-screen comments, we may, in our sole discretion, delete or remove Your Content at any time and for any reason, including for violating these Terms, violating our Stock Doctor Terms & Conditions, or if you otherwise create or are likely to create liability for us.

Third-Party Content

The SDIN may contain posts or discussions that are at best general information about third-party websites, products, or services, which may be discussed at local groups or posted on the local groups by our affiliates, our partners, or other members (‘Third-Party Content‘). Third-Party Content is not under our control, and we do not endorse or vouch for the accuracy or authenticity of any third party’s posts, websites, products, or services.

Your use of Third-Party Content is at your own responsibility and risk. It is not prepared by a licensed investment advisor or taken into account any individual circumstances and needs of particular investors. Therefore you should make any investigation you feel necessary, such as seeking a licensed advisor, before acting based on what is said in discussions or posts regarding such Third-Party Content on the SDIN, including Your Content.

Suppose you act or rely on any Third-Party Content. In that case, you will have no access to ASIC-approved dispute resolution schemes to recover any losses you may suffer by relying on the general information in discussions or posts.

Things you cannot do

When participating in or accessing the SDIN, you must comply with these Terms and all applicable laws, rules, and regulations. In addition, you may not do any of the following:

  • The SDIN must not be used for advertising, promotional or solicitation purposes.
  • The SDIN is not to be used for offering any financial products or services for sale or issue. Any comments of this nature will be removed as soon as Lincoln becomes aware of them.
  • Make posts or comments as a permitted licensed investment advisor or as a representative of a licensed advisor.
  • Make posts or comments that are defamatory, discriminatory, racially or ethnically vilifying, obscene, abusive, threatening, intimidating, harassing or otherwise illegal. If you have any reason to suspect that any of the discussions or postings fall under this category, please contact the SDIN Specialist at or by phone on 1300 676 333.
  • Use the SDIN in any manner that could interfere with, disable, disrupt, overburden, or otherwise impair the SDIN.
  • Gain access to (or attempt to gain access to) another member’s Account or any non-public portions of Stock Doctor, including the computer systems or networks connected to or used together with the SDIN.
  • Upload, transmit, distribute to, or through the SDIN any viruses, worms, malicious code, or other software intended to interfere, including security-related features.
  • Use the Services to violate applicable law or infringe any person’s or entity’s intellectual property rights or any other proprietary rights.
  • Use the Services in any manner that we reasonably believe to be an abuse of or fraud on Stock Doctor or any payment system.

We encourage you to report Content or conduct that you believe violates these Terms. If you see such discussions or comments, please contact the SDIN Specialist or Membership Services by email at or phone at 1300 676 333.

We will suspend members who commit serious or multiple breaches of these terms without prior warning or notice.

Stock Doctor Investors’ Network Convenor

Convenor is an unofficial, voluntary position that may be available to members of the SDIN. We are not responsible for actions taken by the Convenors. We reserve the right to revoke or limit the Convenor’s ability at any time and for any reason or no reason, including for a breach of these Terms.

If you choose to be a Convenor: You agree to follow the Guidelines for a Healthy SDIN;

  • You agree that when you receive a request or report related to a local group which you are the Convenor, you will take appropriate action, which may include removing Content that violates these terms; and
  • You agree that every quarter or when a member leaves a local group which you are the Convenor, you will take action to change the local groups Stock Doctor password; and
  • You agree to report Content or conduct related to a local group which you are the Convenor which you are aware of and believe violates these Terms; and
  • You may not perform Convenor actions in return for any form of compensation, consideration, gift, or favour from third parties; and
  • If you have access to non-public information as a result of being a Convenor, you will use such information only in connection with your performance as a Convenor; and
  • You may create and enforce rules for the local groups which you are the Convenor, provided that such rules do not conflict with these Terms, and the Stock Doctor Terms and Condition; and
  • If you or the local group which you are Convenor for wish to invite a third-party presenter to the meeting/s, you must request approval from Lincoln’s SDIN Specialist and complete required formal questionnaire at least 5 business days prior.

Lincoln reserves the right but has no obligation to overturn any action or decision of the Convenor, in its sole discretion, believes that such action or decision is not in the interest of SDIN.

The role of the SDIN Specialist

The SDIN Specialist monitors the SDIN group activities for quality & compliance with the support of the Compliance team at Lincoln using ASIC guidelines.  If you have a query regarding the SDIN, you can contact the Coordinator by emailing or calling 1300 676 333.

Dispute resolution process

If you have any complaints about the SDIN, please take the following steps:

Contact our SDIN Specialist or Membership Services Team either by email at or phone at 1300 676 333. We will endeavour to resolve any client complaint or query as soon as possible.

If you prefer, you can lodge your complaint in writing to the Compliance Manager at or Lincoln Indicators, Level 2, 379 Collins Street, Melbourne VIC 3000.

The Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) also has an Infoline number 1300 300 630, which you may use to make a complaint and obtain information about your rights. They may also be contacted regarding misleading or deceptive conduct and insider trading.

Changes to these Terms

We may make changes to these Terms from time to time. If we make changes, we will post the revised Terms and update the Effective Date above. If the changes, in our sole discretion, are material, we may also notify you by sending an email to the address associated with your Stock Doctor Account or by otherwise providing notice through the SDIN. By continuing to access or use the Services on or after the Effective Date of the revised Terms, you agree to be bound by the revised Terms. If you do not agree to the revised Terms, you must stop accessing and using SDIN before the changes become effective.

How to contact us

If you have any queries about the SDIN, please get in touch with us.

Call 1300 676 333

Copyright © 2024 Lincoln Indicators Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.

All financial services are provided by Lincoln Indicators Pty Ltd ABN 23 006 715 573 (Lincoln) as the Corporate Authorised Representative of Lincoln Financial Group Pty Ltd ABN 70 609 751 966, AFSL 483167.

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