Lincoln Indicators is pleased to offer BPAY® as an additional investment service for our existing Managed Fund investors. Investing using BPAY® is fast, convenient and easy to use.

Key features:

  • You do not need to send instructions to the Unit Registry, Link Market Services (Link), when adding to a Fund you already hold when making a payment using BPAY®. Your unique Customer Reference Number (CRN) will allow Link to allocate your BPAY® payment to your investment.
  • You can set up regular or recurring additions, subject to the minimum amount for your Fund:
    • Lincoln Australian Wholesale Growth Fund minimum additional investment is $5,000
    • Lincoln Australian Retail Growth Fund minimum additional investment is $1,000
    • Lincoln Australian Wholesale Income Fund minimum additional investment is $5,000
    • Lincoln Australian Retail Income Fund minimum additional investment is $1,000
    • Lincoln U.S. Growth Fund Hedged minimum additional investment is $1,000
    • Lincoln U.S. Growth Fund Unhedged minimum additional investment is $1,000
  • BPAY® payments are typically overnight transactions. However, there may be a delay between the day you initiate a BPAY® transaction and the day your funds are transferred to Lincoln. Units will only be issued once we receive the cleared money in our bank account and will be issued at the unit price of your chosen Fund applicable to the day payment is received.

How to use:

Before proceeding with BPAY®, please contact your financial institution to confirm this service is available to you.

A reminder- this service is currently available to our existing investors only

Your Link statements will feature the BPAY® payment details, including your unique BPAY® Customer Reference Number (CRN) after your initial application. You can also obtain your CRN by accessing your Lincoln Managed Fund online portal and navigating to the portfolio details section or by contacting our Managed Fund client service team directly on 1300 676 333.

Access the BPAY® facility through your financial institution’s online banking platform. Then complete the following steps:

Step 1: Enter the Biller Code for the Lincoln Fund you are applying into.

Step 2: Enter your applicable Customer Reference Number (CRN).

Step 3: Enter the amount you wish to invest – remembering minimum payment amounts apply (see above)

Step 4: Record your receipt number as proof of the transaction. You will receive a transaction statement from Link as confirmation of your completed additional investments.

Biller codes for Lincoln Indicators

Biller Short Name  Biller Long Name  Registered Biller Code
LRAGF Lincoln Retail Australian Growth Fund 330209
LWAGF Lincoln Wholesale Australian Growth Fund 330217
LRAIF Lincoln Retail Australian Income Fund 330225
LWAIF Lincoln Wholesale Australian Income Fund 330233
LUSGFUH Lincoln US Growth Fund (Unhedged) 330241
LUSGFH Lincoln US Growth Fund (Hedged) 330258

Important note for investors with multiple portfolios – You will receive a unique CRN for each portfolio name. For example, if you hold three Lincoln Managed Fund portfolios, you will receive three unique CRN’s. Please take extra precaution when using the BPAY® facility as a payment method, as funds inadvertently transferred into another Funds holding, will have buy/sell implications.


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