Why market records don’t matter

Free air welcomes the All Ordinaries, following the recent surpassing of the 2007 peak. Reading much of the commentary from investors and experts alike, it appears that this is a cause for concern. Indeed, making money can be a very stressful exercise. My facetious comment is born from an ongoing frustration that seems to affect […]

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How to get used to share market volatility

Investors have been forewarned for some time that we are in the late stages of a bull cycle when risks are heightened for those with exposure to the share market. While the size of any pull back is unknown, one thing we do expect is increased share price volatility. Keeping things in perspective, 2017 saw […]

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Recent Australian Financial Review (AFR) article

How to get used to volatility

In this AFR article, Lincoln Indicators’ Executive Director, Elio D’Amato explores how to manage periods of stock market volatility. Rather than worrying about timing the market, investors should check they’ve got the correct asset allocation. History tells us that investing in financially healthy, quality businesses is the best way to ride through volatile periods. Click […]

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