Five tips for investing in a heated share market

Psychologically, Bull markets can create their own problems for new investors, mainly when businesses have been on a price tear for some time. Investors fear they will have an accident as they try to merge into the oncoming traffic. Growth stocks, in particular have had a strong run, as investors continue to be on the […]

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Financial knowledge is power

The revelations of misconduct during the Royal Commission have been a reality check for many in the financial services industry. While substantial steps have been made over the past decade to strengthen the basic tenement of representing the client’s best interests, the highlighted examples and subsequent fumbling from the heads of these institutions show that […]

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Get strategic to protect against volatile markets

With major markets caught in a wave of volatility, many investors have started to question the composition of their share portfolio. We appreciate that investors can find it hard to make the right decisions in the best interests of their entire portfolio when capricious markets are accompanied by “noise”. We have three forensic questions that […]

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Cryptocurrency risks: Share market lessons for investors in bitcoin

Investing can be a battle of ideals, particularly when we have boom runs in asset markets. The dotcom boom, or more recently, property prices in Australia, will see the naysayers and true believers pit their wits against one another in a battle of investment good versus speculative evil. The latest battle which has not only […]

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Why goal setting is crucial to successful investing

Successful entrepreneurs and business owners will tell you that setting goals and objectives is essential to achieving favourable results. This concept holds true when you build your share portfolio. By doing so, you’ll be able to execute a more focused, strategic investment plan. This will help you make better investment choices, and avoid you taking […]

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investing in stocks versus property

Investing in stocks versus property: A 20 year investment comparison

There’s a long standing debate among Australian investors on whether property makes a better investment proposition than investing in stocks. These are the two most popular asset classes and you’ll always find strong opinions about which option provides the best bang for your investment buck. Which do you think delivers the higher return? Analysing purely […]

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