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Generally, when the stars align great things happen. Your super is no different. That's why we recommend you combine your super with Stock Doctor, to improve your superannuation balance and returns.

It's as simple as that. For an explanation of this calculator (including its purpose, limitations and assumptions) and other important information, please click on the info icon below.

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Pre-tax Total
Estimated Balance
Return (% pa)
At retirement
At age 85
Market (ASX All Ords total return index)
Cash (10 year bond rate)
Star Stock current return

Experience and history tell us two things.
We get it right, and here are the figures to prove it. Our expert consultants will help you make the most of your super.

Star Growth Stocks

Over 20 year return^

17.99%paas at 30 Apr 2017

Star Income Stocks

4+ year return*

17.09%paas at 30 Apr 2017

^ To understand how the performance was achieved please read how we calculate these returns.
Past performance is no indicator for future performance.

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