Two managed fund options; full of high-quality, financially healthy ASX stocks.

Our managed investment solutions are based on our renowned investment philosophies, disciplined investment framework and professional portfolio management capabilities. At the heart of our fund portfolio’s is Lincoln’s renowned Financial Health Methodology; a historically proven process of identifying high-quality, financially healthy ASX stocks.

Our managed funds are ideal for investors who prefer to have their portfolios managed for them and value a transparent management style.

Using the Stock Doctor platform as our core research tool, our team of highly experienced and skilful fund managers carefully construct and manage the funds to maximise returns.

With a minimum investment of just $20,000, this approach would suit you if you are seeking capital growth or a reliable income stream.

Which managed fund is right for you?

With a focus on capital appreciation, this managed fund invests in equally weighted Stock Doctor Star Growth Stocks. Renowned for their outstanding performance, Star Growth stocks represent a portfolio of companies with exceptional financial health and strong growth prospects.

This managed fund is designed for those seeking a reliable and dependable income stream. The portfolio has been constructed from the most financially healthy and highest yielding Australian equities, Stock Doctor Star Income Stocks and hybrid securities.

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