Investors' Network Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions of the Stock Doctor Investors’ Network


This document contains the Terms and Conditions of the Stock Doctor Investors’ Network (‘SDIN’), which will govern your attendance at the face-to-face local group meetings and use of the SDIN Online Hub (‘Online Hub’).

These Terms and Conditions will ensure that the SDIN fulfills its objectives for all members.

Important Information

The SDIN may involve the provision of general financial product advice by Lincoln Indicators Pty Ltd ACN 006 715 573 (‘Lincoln’) as a Corporate Authorised Representative of Lincoln Financial Group Pty Ltd ABN 70 609 751 966 AFSL 483167, or its employees as representatives of Lincoln Financial Group Pty Ltd. This advice would have been prepared without taking account of your personal circumstances. You should therefore consider its appropriateness, in light of your objectives, financial situation and needs, before acting on it.

You must read our Financial Services Guide (FSG) (opens in a new window) at before participating in the SDIN. If any advice by Lincoln at the SDIN relates to the acquisition or possible acquisition of a particular financial product, you should obtain a copy of and consider the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or other disclosure document for the product from the issuer of the product before making any decision about its suitability for you.


The SDIN is exclusive to Stock Doctor members and connects likeminded members via face-to-face local groups and national discussions on the Online Hub. Members who participate in the SDIN will be known as members or convenors. Convenors are members who provide leadership and guidance to their local group and have additional compliance responsibilities. Convenors are not representatives of Lincoln or Lincoln Financial Group Pty Ltd. References to ‘members’ apply collectively to members and convenors.

Local group

The local group aims to connect Investors’ Network members with others in their local area for face-to-face meetings. The purpose of the meetings is to engage with other members and share investment knowledge and interests. While Lincoln will endeavour to connect members to a group in their local area, this may not always be possible.

There are a number of specific conditions relating to members’ participation in the local group.

Convenors must:

Members must:

Stock Doctor Investors’ Network Online Hub

The Online Hub is intended for use by convenors, members and Lincoln employees for comment and discussion. Convenors and members can communicate online with their local group and the broader SDIN through national discussions where they can access a wide range of views, knowledge and interests.

To log onto the Online Hub, you will be required to enter your username and password. We may also use your nominated email address to contact you where required to enforce these terms and conditions if necessary. You must be 18 years of age or older to access the Online Hub.

There are a number of specific conditions relating to the use of the Online Hub:

a) The Online Hub is not to be used for offering any financial products or services for sale or issue. Any comments of this nature will be removed as soon as Lincoln becomes aware of them. If you see such comments, please contact the Community Engagement Coordinator or Membership Services by email at or by phone on 1300 676.

b) Members should not place any reliance on any postings offering opinions about financial products or services – they will not constitute professional investment advice and will not have been given by a licensed adviser.

c) Before making a posting, acknowledge that you are not an AFSL holder or representative of an AFSL holder.

d) Members who post comments are personally responsible for the accuracy and authenticity of their comments. Lincoln does not endorse or vouch for any comments or other material that is posted. Participation on the Online Hub and any use you make of information posted on it is at your own risk.

e) Members who post comments must not misrepresent their identity. Also, if you refer to someone else’s material you must attribute the source.

f) The Online Hub must not be used for advertising, promotional or solicitation purposes.

g) You understand and agree that your username will be displayed on the Online Hub.

h) You must not post comments that:

  1. are misleading or deceptive;
  2. breach anyone else’s copyright, trademark, patent, trade secrets or other proprietary rights unless you have a licence to use the protected material for this purpose;
  3. are not intended for use by people outside Australia;
  4. breach anyone else’s privacy or confidentiality; or
  5. are defamatory, discriminatory, racially or ethnically vilifying, obscene, abusive, threatening, intimidating, harassing or otherwise illegal. If you have any reason to suspect that any of the postings fall under category (h) please contact the Community Engagement Coordinator at  or by phone on 1300 676 333.

i) Although we will not generally pre-screen comments, we will remove objectionable comments within 24 hours of becoming aware of them. We may screen comments for profanity, which may be automatically blocked.

j) You authorise and licence us to deal with your comments as we think fit, including making them available to regulators or others who may take action against you. For this purpose, we will archive comments for at least two years.

k) You must not upload material to the Online Hub that contains any viruses or that would otherwise hamper, interrupt or destroy the functionality of the Online Hub and by reference any Lincoln IT system.

l) Lincoln reserves the right to review all postings and has complete discretion to edit and delete any posting without further notice.

m) You must not collect or store data about other users of the Online Hub.

n) The Online Hub is available for use by Lincoln’s employees, who are also subject to internal Social Media policy and procedures guide.

o) If you have a complaint about someone’s comments or believe that a user is breaching these terms and conditions, please contact the Community Engagement Coordinator at or by phone on 1300 676 333.

We will suspend users who commit serious or multiple breaches of these conditions, without prior warning or notice.

The role of the Community Engagement Coordinator

The Community Engagement Coordinator is responsible for monitoring the SDIN Online Hub postings for compliance with ASIC guidelines and Lincoln procedures.  If you have a query regarding the SDIN or Online Hub, you can contact the Coordinator by emailing or calling 1300 676 333.

Dispute resolution process

If you have any complaints about the SDIN, please take the following steps:

How to contact us

If you have any queries about the SDIN, please contact us.

Call 1300 676 333