Five share market tools that make you a better investor

Apr 15th, 2016 Insights
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There are no short-cuts to being a successful investor. The good news is that the Internet has made finding information and researching stocks so much easier – but that’s only if you know where to look.

The problem is the Internet is a double-edged sword as there’s just too much information out there. What’s worse is there’s a lot of misinformation and it’s easy to make disastrous decisions if you are not careful.

But there are a number of third-party online sharemarket tools that can help you get the most out of your investing experience and increase your chances of success.

Here are five of our favourites.

The ASX website

More than just stock and company information

The ASX website is a wealth of information on listed investment options. You can have free access to information on any listed company, such as share price charts and announcements.

But it’s not only stocks that are covered. The ASX website has information on hybrid securities, warrants, and stock options.

You’ll be able to access excellent articles written by journalists and ASX listed CEOs covering a wide range of different topics. The ASX also hosts regular events with high profile guest speakers, which are beneficial to any keen investor.

For the beginner or knowledge-hungry investor, has a number of free interactive courses from beginner through to advanced on a range of different topics such as shares, bonds, options, and hybrids.

Last but not least, one of’s most popular features is the Sharemarket Game which is extremely popular with everyone from students through to everyday traders. Contestants are given a virtual $50,000 to invest and are pitted against each other. If you want to enter, make you sure you get in fast because there is a cut off date on registrations.


Although here at Lincoln, we encourage our followers to block out the noise from media and focus on the health of individual companies when assessing their investments, we understand that it is still important to have your finger on the pulse when it comes to business news.

In days long gone, you were required to carry around an arm full of newspapers, dedicating your morning, lunch and evening towards flipping through pages to stay on top of what is happening on the share market. These days thanks to technology, accessing news has become much easier.

One particular application and website making life easier is Flipboard. It’s incredibly simple to use and it’s free.

Flipboard allows its users to pull news articles from a number of different publishers into an easy to read ‘flip board’ style page. In essence, Flipboard allows you to get all your business news in one place. To access your business articles for the day you simply open the App or visit the website, select the business category and there you will have an almost endless feed of articles to choose from.

You aren’t just limited to business news either. If you want to spend some time catching up on travel, sport or anything that comes to mind, there is bound to be a unique Flipboard category for whatever is on your mind.

One of the great features of Flipboard is that it will only display articles from publishers which you have approved to appear in your news feed. Any of those pesky news sources that may have a reputation for having you unnecessarily reaching for the ‘sell’ button, you can choose to omit for from your feed.

Flipboard allows you to save articles for later reading and will even suggest different articles based on your usage.

Just some publishers that you can have on your feed include:

  • Australian Financial Review
  • BRW
  • Forbes
  • ABC Business
  • Financial Times
  • Harvard Business Review
  • The Guardian
  • New York Times
  • Wall Street Journal

Flipboard is available on mobile (iPhone and Android) or your standard web browser. On an iPad or a tablet device is where it really shines, thanks to a beautifully designed app that does its best at mimicking the experience of flicking through a magazine.

After flipping your way through a few articles and experiencing how simple it is to use, you will instantly see how it can replace your newspaper.

Stock Doctor

ASX research and management software to invest with control and confidence

No one has time to research all 2000 stocks listed on the ASX, let alone separate the good ones from the bad.

Stock Doctor’s share market research software does this for you by constantly scanning all 2000 small and large cap ASX listed stocks and identifying the most fundamentally healthy companies in the form of Star Stocks.

If Stock Doctor identifies one of the stocks held in your portfolio has become unhealthy or has deemed to be misaligned with your investing strategy, you will be alerted and provided with a list of alternative Star Income or Star Growth stocks to restructure or rebalance your portfolio.

The portfolio tools can help you manage risk and analysts are also on call to answer member queries.

Stock Doctor has a track record of delivering long-term returns, giving investors the ability to confidently manage their portfolios while providing them with valuable information at their fingertips.

Check out Stock Doctor’s Star Stock performance over the last 20 years.

^ Click the bold link to see how we calculate our Star Stock returns Disclosure – Star Stock Past performance

Find out more about Stock Doctor.

Bell Direct

Award-winning online trading platform

There are a number of great online trading platforms out there and Bell Direct is one at the top of our list. Bell Direct offers competitive fees, broker research, a tax reporting tool and investment ideas on an easy to use platform.

One of the main reasons we love Bell Direct is because it integrates directly with Stock Doctor, allowing users to do their research and trades in the one place, without having to switch between two separate platforms. In effect, this creates a fully integrated online investing tool, where you can construct and optimise your portfolio based on your objectives.

If you don’t have a Stock Doctor membership, the Bell Direct platform also has a host of great built-in features such as ‘BuySellSignals’, daily trading ideas, mobile trading and a host of stock filter tools to help you get the most out of their trading platform.

The service has taken out the Smart Investor ‘Blue Ribbon Award’ for the best online broker for the last three years, so don’t just take our word for it!

Boardroom Media

Sharemarket digital media resource

Boardroom Media is a good resource for the latest news on stocks. The service is part of a media company that publishes broadcasts, podcasts, webcasts and announcements for listed companies.

One of the great features of boardroom media is it allows you to find a wealth of information about an ASX listed company in one place. By opening a company profile, you can access broadcasts, company information, a calendar of important dates, and a live news feed.

They also conduct Question & Answer sessions with the CEOs of a number of ASX-listed companies.

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