Investing successfully for your stage of life

The share market can play an important role in building or maintaining long-term wealth. Your investment approach should be based on where you are currently positioned in life, your present net wealth and your tolerance to risk. The 2019 financial year was a clear example of the returns possible from Australian shares, which significantly outperformed […]

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Buying before the reporting season – Do you feel lucky?

The reporting season can be a time of significant volatility as our companies lay bare the fruits of their labour while analysts pick apart the numbers. The earnings announcements released in August are particularly important as for most companies, it is their annual 30 June books close date. Historically, the month of August is a […]

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Our prediction for the year ahead? You will be wrong

The start of a new financial year will have many hypothesising about the future from an investment perspective, where the opportunities are in the market and of course, what investors should be cautious about. It will also be a time when the Australian Fund Manager annual performance leagues table is rolled out. This year, the […]

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Is reporting season still relevant?

February marks the beginning of the reporting season, and for most companies, it will be their half-year report. Investors gain their first insight into how they have performed to date, as we dissect the key accounts being the Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, and Cash Flow statements. There is however a growing belief that over […]

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share market professional

How millionaire share market investors keep emotions at bay

It’s not easy to ignore your emotions when buying stocks on the share market to add to your portfolio or selling those that have been in your stable for some time. And, it becomes even harder when you’ve got significant funds to work with. So how do successful share market investors do it? They rely […]

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managed fund

Five secrets to choosing the right managed fund

Putting your money into a managed fund, rather than investing in direct shares, can streamline your finances and give you more time to focus on other things. However, choosing the right fund can be a tricky process. More often than not, investors pick a fund based on an advertisement they’ve seen or because it’s been […]

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