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Stock Doctor’s Stock Exit / Re-Entry Strategies White Paper

A solution for an investor’s biggest challenge

The inability to sell and exit a stock in a timely and informed manner is toxic to a portfolio as it leads to severe neglect, disappointment and long-term unnecessary underperformance.

Following extensive and rigorous testing, Lincoln Indicators has successfully discovered a way to enhance its fundamental/quantitative stock selection process¬†with the introduction of technical price trend indicators that are to be applied to Stock Doctor’s Golden rule #5 – share price sentiment.

The Technical Indicators Project had 2 main objectives:-

  1. Assist investors who are sensitive to significant share price declines with exit and re-entry strategies
  2. Not negatively impact our impressive long-term Star Stock performance

Following the conclusion of the Technical Indicators Project, we identified two powerful and optimal indicators that achieved the above objectives, and these are:-

  • SD30TSR – Stock Doctor Trailing Stop loss 30% exit/30% re-entry (daily)
  • SDMAX – Stock Doctor 4/13-week High/Low Simple Moving Average crossover (weekly)