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How the Financial Health Model can work for you

Before you leap into investing, it’s important to understand the fundamental quality of a company first.

For this important task, we prescribe the use of Financial Health, a proprietary model that ranks a company’s investment worthiness based on its balance sheet, cash flow and profit and loss.

Without understanding the true fundamental quality of a business, you are purely speculating and at risk of serious loss.

Twice a year a company bares its bones to the market and publishes its half yearly and full year financial results. From this data, a Financial Health score is calculated, measuring a company’s ability to absorb a shock to its operations (should something go wrong at an operational, industry, macroeconomic or financing level).

Our Financial Health methodology has been developed through the academic rigor of Dr. Merv Lincoln over 30 years ago and has continuously been tested and revalidated since.

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