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Stock Doctor’s 2017 Great Grange Giveaway

Congratulations to Mr Denis Jeff, an existing Stock Doctor member and Lincoln Managed Fund Investor. Denis was the lucky winner of our Great Grange Giveaway, which was open to all Stock Doctor members who referred a friend (who then became a part of the Lincoln family) during June 2017. As you can see from the […]

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share price

The share price will get there in the end

There is a common belief among many statisticians and economists that cycles always revert to the historical mean. This infers that although a share price may spike or drop in the short-term, over the long-run, it is likely that results will sit around the average. We, at Lincoln Indicators, see the merits of such a […]

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Will a fall in property prices cause a stock market crash?

Numerous media commentators have been alluding to the looming possibility of a property price collapse in Australia, and it’s not just because Sydney house prices have gone through the roof. Given the record growth in residential real estate spanning 55 consecutive years, investing in property has been lucrative. But many are pointing to the potential […]

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Iconic brand collapses – Oroton Group Limited (ASX. ORL)

Oroton Group Limited (Oroton) have voluntarily appointed administrators to the company after the completion of its strategic review. The strategic review process that commenced in May 2017 failed to secure a viable option for the company, leading to the appointment of administrators, Vaughan Strawbridge and Glen Kanevsky from Deloitte Restructuring Services as joint/several administrators of […]

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Why it can be worth paying a premium for quality shares

From the day we start investing in the sharemarket we are told that the aim of the game is to “buy low and sell high”. So all you need to do is identify value, and avoid expensive stocks. Simple! Some fund managers spend their entire working lives trying to live by this mantra of value […]

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investing in tech stocks

Investing in tech stocks – here are 4 of the best on the ASX

I regularly get to experience the pleasure of presenting at investor events. I love to debunk limitations that investors perceive they have and turn them into opportunities for those who can think laterally. I’m regularly asked whether investing in tech stocks is a US-only game. In the most recent case, an investor lamented that the […]

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