Take a breath and re-focus on your investment objectives

As we fast approach the end of the Financial Year, many of us will be assessing the performance of our portfolio and evaluating the quality of our calls over the last 12 months. Unless you were in the ill-advised position of holding an overexposure in Telstra Corporation or AMP, chances are your share portfolio returns […]

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Getting the ASX travel bug – an analysis

The rise of the travel industry, both in Australia and around the globe, has been impressive. According to Deloitte in its latest annual report on the sector, travel and tourism is one of the world’s fastest-growing sectors, with bookings hitting close to US$1.6 trillion in 2017 and 5% – 6% growth expected this year. With […]

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Safe as banks? – A reporting card

Leading into the latest bank reporting season, many observers were worried. Concerns for the big 4 centred around a slowing housing market, increasing competition and the possible fall out from Royal Commission related issues. This in direct contrast to Macquarie Group (MQG) who had a strong level of expectation baked into its price and therefore […]

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Financial knowledge is power

The revelations of misconduct during the Royal Commission have been a reality check for many in the financial services industry. While substantial steps have been made over the past decade to strengthen the basic tenement of representing the client’s best interests, the highlighted examples and subsequent fumbling from the heads of these institutions show that […]

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Get strategic to protect against volatile markets

With major markets caught in a wave of volatility, many investors have started to question the composition of their share portfolio. We appreciate that investors can find it hard to make the right decisions in the best interests of their entire portfolio when capricious markets are accompanied by “noise”. We have three forensic questions that […]

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income stocks

Downturn in income stocks is cyclical

Over the past year, global and growth investors have been well-rewarded. However, many shareholders feel left out, particularly if they are not exposed to the popular investment styles and sectors. Those who invest in income stocks have felt this way for the past 18 months. While local and global markets soared, they were left to […]

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