share market professional

How millionaire share market investors keep emotions at bay

It’s not easy to ignore your emotions when buying stocks on the share market to add to your portfolio or selling those that have been in your stable for some time. And, it becomes even harder when you’ve got significant funds to work with. So how do successful share market investors do it? They rely […]

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investing in stocks versus property

Investing in stocks versus property: A 20 year investment comparison

There’s a long standing debate among Australian investors on whether property makes a better investment proposition than investing in stocks. These are the two most popular asset classes and you’ll always find strong opinions about which option provides the best bang for your investment buck. Which do you think delivers the higher return? Analysing purely […]

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managed fund

Five secrets to choosing the right managed fund

Putting your money into a managed fund, rather than investing in direct shares, can streamline your finances and give you more time to focus on other things. However, choosing the right fund can be a tricky process. More often than not, investors pick a fund based on an advertisement they’ve seen or because it’s been […]

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The benefits of a managed fund

Today’s investor has a variety of options to select from when it comes to building a share portfolio. Depending on the amount of time you have to spend managing a portfolio, the level of involvement you are willing to contribute, or the level of comfort you have making investment choices, a managed fund may turn […]

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Buying shares? Read this first.

So you’ve done your research, spoken to friends and acquaintances and are finally sold on the idea of investing in the share market. But don’t press the ‘buy’ button on any stock until you finish reading this article. Understanding the numerous advantages to share market investing is the easy part. These can range from securing […]

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dividend reinvestment plan

Dividend Reinvestment Plans – What should I consider?

Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRP) provide shareholders the opportunity to reinvest all or part of the dividend they receive from a company into further shares in lieu of cash. This reinvestment occurs without transaction or brokerage costs normally associated with an investment in a company. Sometimes these plans are even offered at a discount to the shareholder, […]

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