ASX companies are healthier, but the risks still lurk

The number of Australian listed companies deemed to be exposed to manageable levels of financial risk has improved from 27.5 per cent to 28.2 per cent over the year to March 2017. But more than 70 per cent are still exposed to unacceptable levels. This can be symptomatic of the ASX having many of its […]

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When share investing is more of an art than a science

Often we talk of investing as a science, a predictable and measurable outcome driven by inputs and outputs. When it comes to investing, the equation is simple, or so the theory goes. The company must be fundamentally strong and growing or paying a good dividend. But experienced investors know that there is also an element of art […]

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A good bottoms-up approach makes timing inconsequential

Now that we have a moment to review the outcomes of what has been an incredibly busy reporting season, it’s interesting to see how the dust settles on the investing landscape. One thing that comes to mind is how different things are compared with a year ago. Stocks such as Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Insurance […]

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This market will turn

Many share investors will currently feel like a cork in a big, wide ocean, where any chance of arriving at your dream island destination will be dictated by a combination of the winds, tides and chance. However, those of us who have been around long enough know that successful investing in the market is never smooth […]

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A breakthrough in share market investing has arrived

Stock Doctor members now have a front row seat to a breakthrough in self-managed share investing. Not only do they have full access to investment strategies, ASX Star Stock recommendations, one-on-one coaching and a complete portfolio management platform; members can now trade seamlessly via Bell Direct. It’s unprecedented for Australian share market investors to have […]

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reporting season stocks

Survival guide to navigate through reporting season

It is an exciting time to be an investor, as our businesses release fresh financial accounts to market. While mining stocks were the poster children of 2016, observers are watching to see if the fundamentals of these businesses and their future prospects have caught up to the recent price run. And will the sell-off of […]

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