reporting season

Positive outlook for reporting season

As all experienced investors will tell you, there is no more important time to be across your portfolio than during a reporting season. It is when we witness the fruits of a company’s labour and obtain an insight into what the future may hold. It is a busy time. Generally companies are required to publish […]

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Drama for investors

After years of restructuring and re-births, today, Ten Network Holdings Limited (TEN) was put into Voluntary Administration following a failed $200 million restructure program for the network. While many will point to a changing media landscape and consumer tastes, the events that led to TEN’s downfall were established many years ago. Investors needed to look […]

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income stocks by elio damato

Top income stocks for FY18

The outlook for income stocks and yields over the next 12 months. Investing in income stocks has become popular with numerous investors as high dividend yields, anaemic interest rates and valuable franking credits have led many to consider the attractive returns on offer. Our Stock Doctor Star Income Stocks, for example, have experienced a strong […]

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The stockmarket X factor

Investors looking for growth are trying to find businesses that will be bigger tomorrow than they are today, lifting profits and revenues as they deliver new and innovative products to market, expand into new jurisdictions or make strategic acquisitions. Those of us that have invested in the market for the long term know that every […]

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Australian banks are attractive for income investors despite the new levy

A contentious policy from the 2017 federal budget was the impost of a 0.06 per cent levy on the liabilities of banks with deposits of more than $100 billion. Politics aside, is there an intellectual basis for the imposition of such a levy? Is it likely to change the game for the banks in the […]

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Boost portfolio returns with a more strategic approach

Investors are often characterised as being either growth or income. But many experienced investors take a more pragmatic approach and successfully combine the two to achieve a total return that is less volatile and still meets their primary investment objective. One strategy is to use income stocks to help a growth-focused investor achieve a strong […]

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