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How millionaire share market investors keep emotions at bay

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It’s not easy to ignore your emotions when buying stocks on the share market to add to your portfolio or selling those that have been in your stable for some time. And, it becomes even harder when you’ve got significant funds to work with.

So how do successful share market investors do it?

They rely on experts to help them make informed decisions about which stocks will likely deliver star-studded returns, while avoiding investment disasters. And, they apply this information with discipline.

Many successful investors, such as Melbourne-based Ken Boyd, partner with us here – at Stock Doctor.

Our expert team works with a historically proven methodology for stock selection and rejection. And, our ‘Star Stock’ recommendations have a track record of outstanding returns (including double and, sometimes triple, digit returns).

As a Stock Doctor member, Ken also has direct access to our equities analysis and one-on-one coaching on how to invest successfully with complete control, alongside our portfolio management software.

Many investors aren’t aware that access to share market experts isn’t reserved for the world’s elite. Insiders know that Stock Doctor is available to everyday Australians.

Ken will give you the scoop, right here, in a few short minutes about how he’s built his wealth using Australia’s premier share market platform. (He’s already told his family and friends who are now reaping the outstanding rewards by investing without emotion)!

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Disclosure – Star Stock Past performance:

^Disclosure – Star Growth Stock Past performance:
Star Growth Stock returns were calculated by Lincoln as a measure of the historical performance of the strategy reflecting the changes in recommendation and the performance of them over time and does not represent an actual investment. Investments go up and down. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and should not be relied upon.
The performance over the stated time period/s reflects the capital return and dividend income paid on a notional portfolio of $100,000 that is equally invested in each Star Growth Stock at the commencement of the relevant performance period quoted. The portfolio is rebalanced to equal weight exposure when the composition of the Star Growth Stocks changes.
For all transactions, closing prices for the next trading day are assumed. Transaction costs of 0.5% on each purchase and sale have been incorporated into the performance figure. Returns are expressed in a per-annum basis. The calculation makes no allowance for other distributions, government charges or tax, or annual subscription fees payable to Lincoln.
All performance figures are calculated as a per annum percentage and reflect the overall capital return and dividend income paid of the strategy highlighted above for the stated time period presented. It is important to note that for returns on periods longer than 12 months, actual annual returns achieved during the time period would have varied, both positively and negatively, from the stated overall performance figure. For returns of 12 months, the per annum performance varies positively and negatively month to month reflecting the volatility of the equities asset class. Therefore no performance figure should be taken as a reliable indicator of future performance.
The Star Growth Stock criterion has not remained constant but has been revised and updated over time. The quoted performance reflects actual Star Growth Stock recommendations as they have been published to the public over time and have not been retrospectively implemented.