Annual User Group Meeting [UGM]

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Our premier annual event, the 2016 Stock Doctor User Group Meeting (UGM), will be held on the afternoon of 17 November 2016.

With an agenda that is multi-faceted and stretches boundaries, we’ve themed this year’s event:  A Prism of Opportunities

Normally reserved for members only, we’re opening it up this year, to include investors who are looking for a proven resource to help them make confident investment choices. Attendees have the rare opportunity to hear directly from our Managing Director Tim Lincoln, who is the custodian of Dr Merv Lincoln’s ingenious Financial Health Methodology.

This historically proven and highly successful Methodology has helped thousands of Australian share market investors achieve long-term success by investing with control, confidence and peace of mind.

Tim will be joined by Elio D’Amato, our Director of Research and Education and in-demand media commentator. Together, they’ll share surprising developments at the UGM.

They will also discuss:

  • The vital importance of Financial Health and why fundamental analysis must form the foundation of all confident investment decisions
  • The simple process of constructing your ideal portfolio of Stock Doctor Star Stocks which have achieved an unprecedented 19.41%^ p.a. return over the past 20 years
  • Charting and technical analysis research – conclusive proof as to whether it improves Stock Doctor’s fundamentally based Star Stock’s impressive returns
  • Expert market update and predictions for the future
  • Tim’s stocks to watch; the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Demonstrating why Stock Doctor continues its rightful place as Australia’s foremost sharemarket investment platform

Where and when

The UGM will be hosted at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre (MCEC) on Thursday, 17 November 2016 from 1:00pm AEDT, and will be available via live, online streaming (simulcast from the MCEC).

The event is exclusively for members, however to get a copy of the live streaming recording, you can click here to request a copy.



All figures, information and illustrations are as at 30 September 2016.

^Refers to Star Growth Stock recommendations. Disclosure – Star Stock Past performance: Star Stock (encompassing Star Growth, Star Income and Borderline Star Growth) returns were calculated by Lincoln as a measure of the historical performance of the strategy, reflecting the changes in recommendation and the performance of them over time and do not represent an actual investment. Investments go up and down. Past performance is not a reliable indicator of future performance and should not be relied upon.
The performance over the stated time period/s reflects the capital return and dividend income paid on a notional portfolio of $100,000 that is equally invested in each Star Stock category at the commencement of the relevant performance period quoted. The portfolio is rebalanced to equal weight exposure when the composition of the Star Stocks changes. Dividend distributions are reinvested in the specific investments which generate the distribution on the appropriate ex entitlement dates.
For all transactions, closing prices for the next trading day are assumed. Transaction costs of 0.5% on each purchase and sale have been incorporated into the performance figure. Returns are expressed on a per annum basis, with the exception of time periods of less than 12 months where they are quoted as actual for the relevant period. The calculation makes no allowance for other distributions, government charges or tax, or annual subscription fees payable to Lincoln.

All performance figures are calculated as a per annum percentage and reflect the overall capital return and actual dividend income paid of the strategy highlighted above for the stated time period presented. It is important to note that for returns on periods longer than 12 months, actual annual returns achieved during the time period would have varied, both positively and negatively, from the stated overall performance figure. For returns of 12 months, the per annum performance varies positively and negatively month to month reflecting the volatility of the equities asset class. Therefore no performance figure should be taken as a reliable indicator of future performance.
The Star Stock criteria have not remained constant but have been revised and updated over time. The quoted performance reflects actual Star Stock recommendations as they have been published to the public over time and have not been retrospectively implemented.
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