small cap stocks

How to conquer small cap stocks

Why do investors love small cap stocks? They’re the companies that act like hi-octane fuel in high performance growth portfolios, rewarding investors more handsomely than the big end of town. However, they’re not without their risks. They need to be respected and understood before inclusion in a diversified portfolio. So, what are ‘small caps’? Why […]

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ETFs investing

ETFs risk: Exchange traded funds far from risk-free

There has been an extraordinary rise in the number of exchange traded funds (ETFs) available to the Australian investor over the past 10 years and their influence on the Australian market has been growing. According to the ASX the amount of money invested in ETFs is estimated at $25 billion, a 15-fold increase from 10 years ago. ETFs […]

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reporting season stocks

10 top stocks from last reporting season

Profit reports a mixed bag as volatility bites for under-performers. While stock watchers are always looking for the next hot tip, experienced investors will tell you there is no more vital time than right after reporting season ends to be across your portfolio. This is because once a company reports, we witness the fruits of […]

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Stock performance

Stock market performance. A great expectation

There is a joke thrown around the research world that states analysts have predicted seven of the last three market corrections. Rather than be taken as a sign of incompetence, it highlights the difficulty in predicting stock performance with great accuracy. Yet there is a multibillion-dollar finance industry borne out of the idea that the […]

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Making waves – SurfStitch Group Ltd (SRF) goes into administration

Yesterday it was announced to the market without much fanfare that SurfStitch Group Limited (SRF) went into voluntary administration. SRF listed at $1 in December 2014 and was trading at a record high of $2.09 in November 2015. At the time, it claimed to be the global leader in online retailing within the ‘pure play’ […]

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best term deposit rate

Hunting for the best term deposit rate? Read this first

Term deposits are simple. You give your money to a bank, credit union or building society for a specific amount of time (the ‘term’) for a fixed rate of income return. And, you can chase around web comparison sites for the best term deposit rate, to get more bang for your buck. But you could […]

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