In this edition of Taking Stock, Co-Founder, Executive Chairman and Chief Investment Officer Tim Lincoln and Head of Research Kien Trinh recap the events that defined the 2020 financial year and discuss the investment strategy that led to the strong performance of our Star Stocks. They answer specific questions on the recent results from Star Stocks – Fisher & Paykel (FPH) and Collins Foods (CKF). Under the microscope this week is Jumbo Interactive (JIN) following its contract extension with Tabcorp (TAH). The question of the week is “What is the difference between a dollar weighted and a time weighted return and which one should you use?”

As we end what can only be described as a tumultuous financial year for investors, we now look to see what the future brings for investment markets. With the impacts of COVID-19 lingering and uncertainty as to how the economy will perform following the removal of government stimulus, volatility is likely to remain in the short-to-medium term.

In our Quarterly Fund Investor Update, Tim Lincoln, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Matthew Swartz, Portfolio Manager and Kien Trinh, Head of Research, will discuss how the current market conditions are impacting our Lincoln Australian Income Fund and Lincoln Australian Growth Fund and also introduce the new Lincoln U.S. Growth Funds.

Will also discuss the last quarters strong performance, and how our Australian Funds are continuing to perform incredibly strong over three-year annualised period. Highlights include:

The COVID-19 crisis has alerted us to the vulnerabilities of many big businesses, think Virgin Australia and Speedcast International. Sadly, these are likely to be the first of many businesses to tumble if the economic recovery is delayed.

Using Lincoln Indicators renowned Financial Health methodology, exclusively available through the Stock Doctor platform, you can learn how to invest in financially healthy companies. This same methodology and Star Stock selection underpin our Lincoln Australian Wholesale Growth Fund, which has helped the Fund deliver the highest annualised performance returns of all 514 funds in the Money Management AMI Equity – Australian sector over a 3 year period, for the past two consecutive months*.

In this webinar recording

Tim Lincoln, Managing Director and CIO, and Kien Trinh, Head of Research, share insights on how you can use Stock Doctor to successfully manage and grow your investments.

With a limited number of memberships available, before we cap Stock Doctor, this might be one of your last opportunities to get access to our unique and proven Financial Health methodology.



* Ending May 2020. Source: Money Management

It’s official. Australia is now in a recession, our first in nearly 30 years.

Whilst this might stir-up memories of inflated interest rates and high unemployment, we feel once our economy starts moving again with the relaxation of lock-down laws, this should be a short-lived period.

What to do in a recession

As we say at Lincoln, volatility brings opportunity and a recession is no different. Market corrections present wonderful buying opportunities. They are also an ideal time to look at your diversification strategy, and with the imminent launch of our Lincoln U.S. Growth Funds, we look forward to sharing details of how you can invest using our trusted quantitative methodology into the U.S. market.

The same trusted methodology that has seen our Lincoln Australian Wholesale Growth Fund deliver the highest annualised performance returns of all 514 funds in the Money Management AMI Equity – Australian sector over a 3 year period, as at 30 May 2020^. This is the second consecutive month we have sat in this position, an achievement we are extremely proud of.

In this webinar recording, we lift the bonnet on our investment strategies, sharing insights and learnings with our Lincoln community, so that you may recession-proof your portfolio.



^ Source: Money Management

The outbreak of COVID-19 has led to a rapid and volatile share market correction in recent weeks. From history, we understand that these events are temporary and can provide substantial wealth creating opportunities for the disciplined investor.

Over the long-term markets are resilient and will eventually recover to new highs. Globally, we are seeing a coordinated response from Government and central banks aimed at limiting the economic damage and keeping financial markets functioning. Central banks have reduced cash rates to near zero percent and have aggressively begun another round of quantitative easing. Governments have also stepped up fiscal stimulus efforts, providing billions of dollars in assistance to workers and businesses impacted by the shutdown. The market volatility has created a rare and wonderful opportunity for investors to buy into high quality stocks at heavily discounted prices.

No matter your investment objectives – whether income or growth – Lincoln Managed Funds enables you to access a well-diversified portfolio of high quality financially healthy stocks that are likely to rebound strongly when the market recovery takes place.

Matt Swartz, Portfolio Manager, is joined by Kien Trinh, Head of Research, and Jason Bartolo, Senior BDM, share their knowledge and discuss:

We’ve spent two years testing and optimising our methodology to uncover the quality factors in the U.S. so we can construct a portfolio that aims to deliver long-term capital growth for investors. Our recent back-tested results^ provide us confidence that our unique investment strategy can deliver long-term value for investors looking to diversify their equities exposure globally.

An update from our Investment Team

Here is a 15-minute video update from our Investment Team.

Some of the key topics covered include:


^Back-test performance of stock selection methodology. These returns are in USD. Back-test Total Returns (TR) are calculated using exit prices and are net of management fees (1% per annum), transaction costs (10 basis points), assume distributions are reinvested and that no tax is deducted. Returns are subject to the following portfolio constraints – Simulated portfolio is always fully invested and is rebalanced at the end of each month. (a) The Back-test start date is 1 January 2004. Back-test performance figures are calculated from 1 January 2004 to 30 April 2020 and are annualised. The Lincoln U.S. Growth Fund Hedged and Lincoln U.S Growth Fund Unhedged (‘Funds’) benchmark is the S&P 500 Total Return Index.

Register for The Stock Room to leverage Lincoln’s expert industry knowledge and experience to:

In this webinar, you will have an opportunity to ask questions about the market or specific Star Stocks.

Over the last few weeks, we have seen a flattening of the global COVID-19 curve with increasing optimism that restrictions could be lifted sooner than expected.

Coupled with substantial monetary and fiscal stimulus, the market has rebounded strongly with our portfolio of Star Stock recommendations leading the way.

In this webinar, Mathew Potts, Business Development Manager, will share insights on the Stock Doctor methodology and how it can be used to protect your portfolio during an economic recession.

Our Lincoln Australian Growth Fund has been using Stock Doctor to be one of Australia’s leading Fund Managers in its category, ranked in the top quartile over the last five years and outperforming the market by 7.8% last month.

Mathew is joined by Equities Analyst, Jason Yin, to showcase a live demonstration of how Stock Doctor can arm you with the research, stock recommendations, tools, education and support you need in this volatile market period.

In this webinar we discuss:

As the Government begins to ease lockdown restrictions, the question now remains, will the market continue on its V-shape recovery or will there be more volatility on the horizon?

At our next webinar, I will share insights on how you could use our renowned quantitative methodology to help you weather the economic downturn, regardless of the current market volatility. We understand that this is a once in a generation opportunity to invest in oversold financially healthy quality stocks.

Using the same Financial Health methodology that is available through Stock Doctor, our Lincoln Wholesale Australian Growth Fund was ranked #1 of 43 funds for performance over 3-years to 30/04/2020 in the Equity Australia Mid/Small Growth category, achieving an Overall Morningstar Rating of 4 stars*.

In this webinar we will discuss:

In the current climate, we strongly recommend your attendance at this webinar. We’ll also be available to answer your stock specific questions.

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