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“We commenced investing in the Lincoln Australian Growth Fund in July 2012 and have received a return of 12.15% per annum – this far exceeds the return we have received from any of our other investments! Moreover, I am an enthusiast of the methodology Lincoln use in managing their investments; it has academic rigour. Their willingness to candidly discuss the risks, challenges and benefits of investing in the share market has for me been both educational and reassuring. They have a great team of dedicated communicators to assist anyone contemplating a foray into the world of investment … well worth a call”

John Ewing, LAGF investor since 2012

“I have found the Growth Fund an excellent investment vehicle for some time now. It provides for additional investments and more importantly it provides me access to the research facilities of the Lincoln organisation. This is important to busy people, like me. To have experts continually monitoring the growth of the Fund.”

John Richards, LAGF investor since 2014

“As a new SMSF member and an inexperienced share investor, I was uncomfortable with the information sources on which I was basing my investment decisions. Having met Dr Merv Lincoln in the 90’s, and being impressed with the academic work he had done, I was pleased to find Lincoln Indicators and immediately subscribed to Stock Doctor. I am confident that I am now making informed decisions and investing in companies which are fundamentally sound based on research which I trust and not reacting to market hype.”

Greg Wiltshire, Stock Doctor member since 2013

“I joined Stock Doctor to evaluate against a small portfolio of approximately $80,000, with a view to take over the management of my SMSF which is currently in the hands of an investment adviser. After four months of using Stock Doctor, my share portfolio returns have easily exceeded the returns from my SMSF. I am confident that Stock Doctor will give me the confidence to take control of my SMSF and manage my own investments with great success.”

Anthony Janssen, Stock Doctor member since 2013

“I would not be in any position to run my own Super Fund without this program, and over the 7 years I have used it, I have only gone wrong by straying from the program, never when following it”

Jeremy Nash, Stock Doctor member since 2008

“Having been a client for about 9 years, I have accumulated enough wealth to retire comfortably. This is a result of investing using Stock Doctor, and I recommend the program to anyone who wants to invest in the share market”

Bernie Hole, Stock Doctor member since 2007

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“Lincoln is an outstanding example of first class customer service. Since becoming a member, each contact has been exemplary. I am a customer for life”

Peter Lynn, Stock Doctor member since 2010

“Lincoln Indicators presents a credible, transparent and continually evolving approach to investing that is steeped in proven success.”

Michael Brooks, Stock Doctor member since 2009

“Stock Doctor has given me the power to invest confidently and successfully and provide me with a satisfactory level of income in retirement. The ability to talk over the phone with experts I can trust at any time is a priceless asset. I am confident that Stock Doctor will continue to support me in the future as Lincoln Indicators continues to invest in R&D towards its product.”

David Gambling, Stock Doctor member since 2003

“The sound, unwavering principles employed by Lincoln Indicators gives me the faith to make informed buy and sell decisions. I have not found better on the world market.”

Alan McDermid, Stock Doctor member since 2012

“Stock Doctor is an essential platform for anyone investing in the Australian share market. Lincoln Indicators’ methodology, fundamental analysis, support and advice is outstanding.”

Trevor Beuth, Stock Doctor member since 2010 

“Stock Doctor’s methodology gives a degree of confidence when making equity investment decisions that I have never experienced before.”

Colin Sharpe, Stock Doctor member since 2002

“Let me put it simply: since I became adept at using Stock Doctor, I simply cannot imagine making a stock investment decision without it.”

Paul Flynn, Stock Doctor member since 2011

“Lincoln Stock Doctor is responsive to the suggestions and requirements of its customers/users to an extent that I find truly amazing. I have never (in a lifetime in commerce) experienced such a level of service and interaction.”

Peter Lynn, Stock Doctor member since 2010

“I have used Stock Doctor for over ten years and have identified many excellent stocks to invest in that I would never have discovered otherwise. The Stock Doctor membership pays for itself.”

Rajesh Khatri, Stock Doctor member since 2002

“Subscribing to Stock Doctor was like turning the lights on. Market movements, company trends and intrinsic value, current research, – it was all there. It’s an invaluable part of my share investing.”

Laura Black, Stock Doctor member since 2010

“The outperformance of Star Stocks to almost all broad indices over the medium and long-term makes Stock Doctor exceptionally valuable.”

John Lahey, Stock Doctor member since 2003

“I could not wish to have a more customer-oriented, friendly, helpful, responsive, effective and efficient company helping me with my investments.”

Bryan Dowling, Stock Doctor member since 2003

“Everything I need to make my investment decisions is at my fingertips at an instant, saving me hours of research. I have extended my membership for another five years which looks like one of the best investment decisions I have made – it’s worth every cent.  I can’t live without Stock Doctor.”

Don Sutherland , Stock Doctor member since 2006

“Stock Doctor provides an objective, research-based and proven tool for investing in shares and so far it has worked exceptionally well for me.”

Alan Lewens, Stock Doctor member since 2012 

“Stock Doctor gives a person like myself, who is not financially astute, the confidence and ability to invest successfully in Australian Shares.”

Ian Bathie, Stock Doctor member since 2002

“I have avoided potential disasters thanks to Stock Doctor’s Nine Golden Rules. I now sleep very well at night, knowing my investments are sound.”

Allan Wareham, Stock Doctor member since pre-1999

“The new SD platform is extremely user friendly allowing people with a wide range of investment knowledge and skills to get tremendous benefit from selecting stocks and managing a single or multiple portfolios.”

Bryan Vickerstaff, Stock Doctor member since 2008

“Stock Doctor helps me manage my share market investments, scan for opportunities and review the history of each company on one easy-to-read screen. The watchlists, alerts and charting features are invaluable. I wouldn’t be without Stock Doctor.”

David Cutler, Stock Doctor member since 2003 

“After 14 years as a Stock Doctor users, Stock Doctor provides our investment discipline and confidence regardless of market conditions.”

Bruce & Jan Woodfield, Stock Doctor members since 2001

“I have been a Stock Doctor client for over 16 years and have seen many changes. All the changes implemented have continually advanced the integrity of the information provided and makes selecting portfolio so much easier than ever before, almost eliminating the possibilities of selecting stocks that are not performing up to the high standards set by Stock Doctor. The recent introduction of the Next Generation of Stock Doctor as presented at the User Group Meeting has opened up a whole new world for subscribers.”

Jan Pothof, Stock Doctor member since 2002

“Stock Doctor has a fully rounded offering: sound fundamental based universe identification, excellent tools to perform own research, great staff who are knowledgeable and responsive and, on top of that, there is the added bonus of the Investors’ Network”

Rob Hunter, Stock Doctor member since 2012

“Driven by the need to shore up my financial future after retirement, I placed 2/3rds of my life savings into Shares in my SMSF in 2004. Six years and as many stock brokers and financial managers later, I came to the realization that none had bested the ASX 200 index funds in consistent gains, so initially, I undertook to invest myself. Although I did equal the ASX 200 in returns, (just) I found that I was spending hours each day with my share portfolio. Along came the Lincoln Australian Income fund and I could not be happier. The help that I get from the LAIF staff is excellent.  For the first time, my portfolio is beating my ASX 200 benchmark in returns and I have basically no decisions to make and two extra hours a day.”

John Taske, LAIF investor since 2012

“The income from our SMSF invested in the Lincoln Managed Funds helps to fund us while we volunteer in Nepal!”