About Lincoln

Where experience meets expertise.

For over 30 years we’ve been known as one of Australia’s leading providers of ASX stock market research, share portfolio management systems and managed funds solutions.

At the heart of what we do is our unique Lincoln Financial Health model and fundamental analysis methodologies, developed by Dr Merv Lincoln.

We describe our Financial Health model as the engine behind our successful managed funds solutions, which have consistently outperformed the broader market.

The other jewel in our crown is Stock Doctor (fundamental stock analysis), a platform that enables you to stay in complete control of your portfolio. It does this by assessing the overall financial strength and insolvency risk of all ASX stocks. As a result, you can optimise your portfolio as required.

So regardless of what investment strategy you employ, you can be reassured that we have the experience and expertise to deliver your desired results.

Investment Success in three easy steps

  1. Stock Doctor analyses the financial heath and quality of every ASX stock to discover what we call 'Star Stocks.'
  2. Our analysts then validate and confirm the Star Stock selection.
  3. Lincoln Members
    invest with confidence and enjoy outstanding performance, with a
    choice between
    Stock Doctor and
    Managed Investments.

The Lincoln Story

  • Merv Lincoln


    Founder Merv Lincoln publishes his PhD thesis entitled “An empirical study of the usefulness of accounting ratios to describe levels of insolvency risk”.

    He begins working with financial institutions to apply his unique health methodology on companies to identify potential risks of insolvency. The accurate results prompt him to turn the ratios into a core business offering.

  • Lincoln


    Lincoln Indicators is founded to help individuals, corporates and financial institutions assess credit risk and the financial health of ASX companies in order to avoid potential disasters.

  • Merv & Tim


    Tim Lincoln joins us and develops the first computer-based software model of the Lincoln Financial Health methodology.

  • Risk Manager


    We launch our unique software product to provide risk management solutions for Australian businesses.

  • Stock Doctor


    Stock Doctor software is launched to help Australian DIY share investors to identify premium ASX stocks.

  • Tim Lincoln


    Tim Lincoln is appointed as our Managing Director.

  • Managed Investments


    We launch our Managed Investments business with the Lincoln Australian Growth Fund.

  • Managed Investments


    We add the Lincoln Australian Income Fund product offering.

  • Stock Doctor


    Stock Doctor is launched – a fully integrated web-based ASX stocks research and portfolio management system.