Stock Doctor Star Stocks

Stock Doctor identifies a select group of fundamentally superior companies, called Star Stocks.

Star Stocks and Borderline Star Stocks

Shortlisted for their consistent Financial Health, strong management and earnings growth these stocks offer outstanding long-term growth potential.

Stock Doctor Star Stocks provide a unique starting point in your investment selection process. Utilising Lincoln's Nine Golden Rules, Stock Doctor Star Stocks must satisfy our most important investment criteria - Golden Rules 1, 2 and 3 - to earn their place on the Lincoln shortlist.

You can then assess how the Stock Doctor Star Stocks measure up against the other Nine Golden Rules and your own criteria before making an investment decision.

Analysts constantly monitor Star Stocks for changes in their fundamental outlook. Companies must continue to meet our benchmark criteria to retain their Star Stock status. At the same time, new companies that meet our Star Stock criteria may be added after reporting their annual or interim financial results.

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